What's the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

Many students don’t know how a dissertation and thesis differ. Additionally, because they are often used interchangeably, many believe they mean the same thing. However, there are multiple differences between a dissertation and a thesis. For example, the average dissertation length is different from thesis length. Under the guidance of DissertationTeam professionals we will examine the differences between both academic terms. In addition, we will compare both project terms for similarities and why they are confusing.

Dissertation vs. Thesis: Definitions

Thesis Definition: What is a Thesis?

At the end of a college program, undergraduate or postgraduate, there is a project work you have to carry out. That project work submitted at the end of a Master’s degree program is called a thesis. A thesis is a scholarly paper thoroughly researched and critically written. The essence of a thesis is for students to show how much they’ve learned in the program.

Dissertation Definition: What is a Dissertation?

On the other hand, a dissertation is a piece of scholarly writing submitted at the end of a doctorate program. It requires more research and is typically bulkier than a thesis. A dissertation accounts for every research carried out during a doctoral program. A Ph.D. reward is granted upon submission of a dissertation. A dissertation may be an expansion of a new research topic or research on a new topic.

Dissertation vs. Thesis: The Differences

A thesis and a dissertation differ significantly, especially in length and depth of research. Below are significant differences between a thesis and a dissertation:

Dissertation vs. Thesis: Similarities

A dissertation and a thesis possess some similarities, which is why they are sometimes confused with each other. The similarities include:

In conclusion, if you plan to earn a doctoral degree, you should expect to do a thesis and a dissertation. The difference between both is when you submit both pieces of writing – which you now know. However, don’t get anxious about accosting such complex writing if you’re not there yet; you’ll cross that bridge when you get there.


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